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Water Soluble Fertilizer

In addition to being used to fertilise fruit and vegetable crops, tree plantations, and the growth of decorative plants, the fully water-soluble nutrient salts are appropriate for all water quality and fertilisation methods.

Water Soluble Fertilizer


UAN 32

It is a nitrogen-rich liquid fertiliser with the highest nitrogen concentration (32%). Its high nitrogen content is achieved by the use of a mixture of nitrate, ammonia, and urea forms. This feature allows for quick and effective fertilisation while preventing drying and burning in the plant. It is advised when there is inadequate nitrogen in the soil, or even when there is sufficient nitrogen in the soil, plants cannot benefit adequately from any of this nitrogen owing to a variety of adverse factors, resulting in growth and development retardation. It is also an excellent source of nitrogen for plants with high nitrogen requirements. UAN, whether provided by foliar or drip irrigation, has a rapid effect, activating the plant and strengthening its vegetative components.